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About the Author

Sri Lankan born, Tammy Fernando is the debut author of ‘A Prayer from the Heart’: a Christian, fiction story for young children which helps them process their desires in the light of God.

For a long time, Tammy has wanted to speak to children about God, to show them how loving He is and how He ultimately wants them to share in the never ending, Heavenly party. 

Though Tammy was trying hard to make this happen by offering schools ‘The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd’, God had other plans.

Tammy’s career as a children’s author took her by surprise when, in 2015, the Lord nudged her to write! With insights from her experience as a nursery teacher, midwife, nurse and family story teller, Tammy wrote her first story about a child’s deepest desire.

Chris wants a forever-friend to play with. And his persevering prayers are eventually answered in his new friend, Shani.

In her story, it’s easy to see that God overarches its entirety, as the Holy Trinity turns up in every illustration.

With this unique offering, what Tammy wants to tell all children is this: “that with God, everything will be alright.”

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