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Meet the Characters

Chris is shy, spiritual, desperate for a forever-friend and loves tortoises. The name Chris, short for Christopher is an English name of Greek origin meaning “bearer of Christ.”

Shani wants to be an artist. She is a friendly and compassionate girl. She is the answer to Chris’ prayer and becomes Chris’ closest friend. Shani is a female Hebrew name which means “the colour scarlet”. This colour thread was only ever used in the curtain surrounding the Holy of Holies in the Jewish temple.

Orr wants to be a musician and to be Chris’ friend. He is a determined soul and a natural leader.  Orr is a male Hebrew name meaning “light”.

Ozz is an inventor and wants to be Chris’s friend. He generally thinks outside the box and is up for anything! He is competitive with his sister Zanna. Ozz is a male Hebrew name which means “strength”.

Zanna likes to dress up and wants to own a pet. She also wants to be Chris’s friend. She is often in competition with Ozz. Zanna is a female Hebrew name . It is possible that it is a shortened form of the name Suzanna (Shoshana in Hebrew) which means “lily or rose”.